Implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth. It consists of a titanium post which is fitted in the bone where the teeth would normally be. An artificial tooth is then attached to the post, creating a firm fitting.

Whether a full set of teeth or a single missing tooth implants don't ever need to be removed and are as close to having your natural teeth as possible. Implants are regarded now as the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. There are very durable and have the longest life and best success rate of all dental treatments.

Full upper and lower dentures can also be attached onto implants to restore function and improve retention. The dentures can be removed to maintain your oral health and simply click back into place.

At Smiles by Design we work with our Implantologist Dr Karanthi K.Nasani to create the most natural looking teeth possible. We are able to provide our treatments under intravenous sedation for our more nervous patients by our consultant anaesthetist Dr Giju George in our comfortable, relaxed environment. Our treatments are available all at 0% finance. Contact our team today to book an implant consultation.

Dental Implant Treatment Options

Dental Implants are extremely versatile and can be used to replace missing teeth in several different ways.

  • Single Tooth Replacement
  • Several Missing Teeth
  • Full Arch Tooth Replacement
  • Immediate Implants
  • Mini Implants
  • Same Day Teeth
  • Nobel Guide and "Teeth-in-an-hour"

What will my dentist do?

If you are interested in implants, you will be assessed by Dr Kranthi K.Nasani, who will carefully discuss your treatment options and the associated costs with you in detail. For those more complex cases we have a team of external specialist which provide treatments at our implant studio.

If you and your dentist decide that implants will be right for you:

  • The implant(s) is/are placed into holes in the jaw using a local anaesthetic. You can choose to be sedated for this part of the procedure if you wish.
  • The implant is pushed or screwed in, and the gum is allowed to heal around or over the implant.
  • The bone then grows around the implant over the next few months, and it becomes firmly integrated producing a very secure fixture.

Types of implant

Implants usually have two sections - the post in the jaw, and the extension which is fitted later, when the post is secure.

You may have more than one implant, this depends on the number of teeth to be replaced, and the type of extension to be fitted onto the implant(s).

The replacement teeth may be fitted permanently to the implant like a crown or bridge, or they may be removable for cleaning like a denture.

Advantages of implants

  • Allow replacement of individual teeth without any drilling of adjacent healthy natural teeth. in many cases this is the ideal method for replacing missing teeth at the front of the mouth.
  • Excellent cosmetic results are possible.
  • Can be a permanent fixture, removing the need to wear an uncomfortable denture.
  • Create an exceptionally secure and reliable fixture on which to construct ‘new teeth’, so you can eat and smile with total confidence.
  • Implants permit very firm stabilisation of even the largest of dentures:- some people just cannot adjust to wearing full dentures, particularly in the lower jaw. Implants can resolve this problem.

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